Lips & Lines

As time goes by, lips naturally tend to age a little quicker than other areas. This is due to the skin of our lips being much thinner than other areas of our face and this causes them to become drier and lose volume which brings about a thinner appearance and a loss of definition.

Let us help you to give your lips the attention and care they deserve with Juvederm ULTRA - our first hyaluronic acid filler that's specifically for lips.

Juvederm ULTRA is a smooth flowing gel, which restores volume, enhances the contours and redefines the outline of your lips.

Unlike some other fillers, Juvederm ULTRA is not granular. This means that it is able to flow easily into the skin which looks and feels smooth and natural.

Because your lips are so sensitive, Juvederm ULTRA is made to be gentle. It is the first smooth hyaluronic filler for lips with lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, to help make the treatment experience more comfortable so you can relax and enjoy your new look.

Why don't you book an appointment with Rubislaw Aesthetic Clinic and see what Juvederm ULTRA can do for you.

  • Can redefine your cupid's bow and the philtrum area
  • Can treat the vermillion border to improve the definition and outline of your lips
  • Enhances lip volume and can create a symmetrical and balanced appearance
  • Can reduce the lines (called commissures) at the corners of your mouth

You too can have full, beautifully natural looking lips in no time.

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